Wine of The Month October Sale

L’uva Bella Winery & Bistro is pleased to announce the start of our Wine of the Month sale.

This month featured wine is L’uva Bella American Sangiovese Reserve 2013. On sale now for just $10.99* per bottle and $96 per case. Save $10 per bottle.

Wine of the Month Sangiovese Sale Prices

  • price $21 – Now on sale $10.99 to go
  • $96 per case
  • $14.99 per bottle / in house

Italy’s most well-known and widely planted red grape variety, Sangiovese, is a thin-skinned, finicky grape that tends to linger longer on the vine, taking its sweet time to ripen and mature.

The Taste of Sangiovese

Sangiovese is a dry, medium-bodied red wine that tips towards higher levels of mouthwatering acidity and tighter tannins.

Expect cherry — red, black, sour — smoke and earthy spicy oak-induced nuances and peppery tones and even streaks of sweet tobacco to show up in given bottle of Sangiovese. Serving with a slight chill can tone down alcohol and tame the tannins, allowing the fruit and florals to shine.

Sangiovese Food Pairing

Thanks to Sangiovese’s innate acidity, savory character, and medium-body, this Italian red wine gem is an extremely versatile pairing partner. A classic for pairing with pizza and pasta with tomato sauce, Sangiovese is also a top pick for grilled steak, roasted poultry, pork chops and remains completely at home with aged Parmesan or Provolone cheese finds.