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The Zinfandel Grape – Zinfully Delicious!

L’uva Bella’s Zinfandel wine is robust in the best way possible, It kicks off with ruby red fruit notes of cherries and raspberries, then gets interesting with hint of spice and lasting finish.

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Cool Down in Summertime with Sangria

Whether you prefer red or white L’uva Bella wine, these homemade sangria recipes will make any hour happy. We also make our own Sangria to enjoy every week in the bistro. Watermelon Sangria Ingredients 1 Large watermelon 1 750-ml bottle L’uva Bella white wine 2 c. white rum 1 c. …

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June Wine Sale

Great savings are yours now on our famous Winemaker’s White Blend.  This L’uva Bella wine is just $5.99 per bottle* and $65 per case. Winemaker’s Blend White is a masterful union of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Trebbianna. These varietals offer crisp tones of green apple and peach. Winemaker’s White …

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Cabernet Sauvignon – The King of Red

Known as the king of red grapes because it produces wine with such character yet such diversity. Our Cab is truly one of the greatest wines in the world.

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Chill Out this Summer with L’uva Bella Wine

Every summer is the same. You want to drink something that is going to cool you down. Contrary to popular belief chilling wine is not only acceptable but delicious. Try our Purple Rain and Passion brands.

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