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Sangiovese Wine Sale

Great savings are yours on our famous 2013 American Sangiovese Reserve wine. It is now on sale for just $10* per bottle and $98* per case.

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Purple Rain Tri-Blend Now on Sale

L’uva Bella’s Tri-Blend is now on sale for just $48 per case until October 31.

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Five Wine Tips for Beginners

Wine should be simple. Here are some tips on finding great bottles on a budget, and how to kickstart your education when it comes to drinking well.  Invest in decent stemware.  Look for glasses with medium-sized bowls, which are versatile enough for all wines, and thin rims, which always make …

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Is Drinking a Bottle of Wine a Day Bad for You?

You may have heard that a glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away, but what about a bottle a day? And does the color matter? We researched to see what the current thinking is – and what we can get away with! Here’s what we discovered. Some …

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Winemakers Napa Report

Check out the latest and greatest wine features making news from the Napa Valley. This month learn more about grape varieties.

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